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"Was sceptical but Karen proved me wrong. Superb result, well worthwhile. Have flown 11,500 miles in one go as a result. Highly recommended, go for it, you wont be disappointed"

John F, Sheffield - 14th Mar 2013

"At the beginning of this year (2013) we were as a married couple on our knees. I was all set to move out and was looking to negotiate leaving my wife and two children etc.....rock bottom. We tried Karen as a last resort as neither of us thought it would do any good and was probably too late! Almost from the first session things seemed to u-turn and this incredible woman over the next few weeks saved our marriage. We cannot recommend Karen highly enough. "

Lee & Gee R. Bicester, Oxon. - 4th Jul 2013

"In early 2014, after several years of bad luck I was suffering with severe anxiety and depression. I was having panic attacks and every day was a struggle to function. I did not want to leave the house and even felt suicidal. In my desperate state I found Karens web site at gave her a call. Karen gave me a much needed ear and we worked through my difficulties together. Now in February 2015 I feel my old self beginning to emerge. Thank you Karen for helping me to achieve this with your caring, understanding and professional character. "

Dave, Bicester - 26th Feb 2015 - 26th Feb 2015

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